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E&Gis an independent law office located in Izmir-Turkey which provides full service law with broadly demonstrated expertise and experience in both individual and company related issues. We have a dynamic and dedicated team of lawyers who strives to provide legal services at global standards of quality on all aspects of Turkish and international legal matters.

Outstanding client service, delivery of results and the support of our distinguished of counsels have all been fundamental to the success of our firm, allowing us to support the success of our clients. Our primary guiding principles are universal and national ethical values, independence of the legal practice and the indivisibility of legal science and legal practice.

This is reflected in our relationship with clients, not as a temporarily hired provider of legal services but rather as a trusted advisor for both legal and strategic matters. We know what is required to create, enhance and protect real value for our clients. To that end we are committed to maintaining the highest level of personal service and professionalism.

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Incorporation of a New Company (LLC) in Turkey

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Overview Limited Liable, LLC (“Limited Şirket”) and Joint Stock Type (“Anonim Şirket”) Capital Companies Capital companies are the most common form of business entities in Turkey utilized by both local and foreign investors. Investors may...


H. Ender KELEŞ

Attorney, LL.M.

Founder and Managing Partner


Attorney, LL.M.

Co-founder of the E&G Law Firm

Mehmet Emin KELEŞ


“Of Counsel” for E&G Law Firm. 

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