E&G Law Firms makes a comprehensive research on your needs when it comes to family legal issues. We’re dedicated to helping you make the right decisions, even during difficult and emotional circumstances.

Our attorneys assist on issues such as custody of children, distribution of assets, contribution, destitution and precautionary alimony applications, drafting of divorce settlements and filing pre-agreed divorce petitions, use of adultery, abandonment, violence, irreconcilable differences as grounds of divorce, determination and presentation of evidence, filing for protective measures, finalization of divorce rulings and recognition of foreign divorce judgments. As it has been known, any court merit given outside of Turkey, under another jurisdiction, is needed to be recognized by the Turkish courts in order to change couple’s marital status.

Our family law practice is prepared to handle divorce cases, from a simple “no-contest” divorce proceeding to a complicated divorce with significant property and children custody.