E&G Law Firm represents both employers and employees in connection with virtually every aspect of the employment relationship. We regularly represent both public and private-sector employers, both unionized and union-free, in administrative proceedings, arbitration, and in litigation before Turkish courts.

What we do in particular, we continually advise clients in; the drafting of employment contracts and statements of employment particulars, staff manuals and policies, employee benefits, working environment measures, use of vacation rights and other absences, outsourcing of staff, transfer, posting and expatriation of staff, termination of employment with or without notice, executive compensation, employee benefits and settlement of employment disputes through negotiation and before the Labor Courts.

We also provide compliance reviews and trainings for clients for the strict adherence to employment law procedures and principles. Recent experiences include advising on company policies, handling performance issues, reorganizations, redundancies and transfers for an international automotive company.

Last but not least, E&G Law Firm attorneys frequently provide lectures to human resource professionals and attorneys on a wide range of subjects related to the employment relationship. Perhaps most important, we provide their clients with day-to-day counseling. In so doing, we assist employers in maintaining compliance with applicable laws and avoiding litigation by dealing with employees effectively and fairly within the bounds of the law.