The debt recovery attorneys in E&G Law Firm have a wide range of experience in Turkish insolvency proceedings throughout the Turkey. We represent both domestic and foreign clients in numerous bankruptcy cases.

E&G Law Firm attorneys have asserted creditor’s claims in a wide range of cases involving such debtors as automotive market, IT companies, real estate developments, and textile manufacturers. We have successfully represented not only senior secured creditors, but also unsecured lien holders and unsecured creditors.

The debt recovery process in Turkey usually covers these stages:
• Pre-trial proceedings: including sending official notifications/demand letters to the debtor and fulfilling all the necessary formalities before the eventual trial is commenced.
• Representation during trial process. In situation where the debtor does not willingly return the debt, we are able to provide representation during trial before Turkish Courts.
• Post-trial proceedings. This includes any possible steps necessary to the enforcement of favorable decision issued by the Turkish Courts related to the actual recuperation of the debt.
• We act for clients on debt collection and related matters which includes major corporations, international banks, insurers, company liquidators, bankruptcy trustees and directors.

Our debt collection services include:
• Claiming before all court jurisdictions,
• Striking out of unmeritorious defenses,
• Large scale commercial recoveries,
• Outstanding debt matters, from the initial letters of demand to handling bankruptcy actions against individuals/entities,
• Issuing enforcement proceedings to recover debts,
• Issuing creditors’ statutory demands for the payment of debts,
• Issuing Bankruptcy Notices and subsequent sequestration proceedings and Warrants of Execution,
• Negotiating commercial resolutions to disputes involving debts.