E&G Law Firm advises for insurance business incorporations, licensing and regulatory compliance. We also assist for drafting of policies, risk assessment and operational structuring of insurance companies.

Although Turkish insurance market is sophisticated and regulations are liberalized, transactional liability or business risk insurance policies are not widely used yet, and accordingly we assist our clients for drafting specific contract clauses or negotiate with insurance providers for unique policies to structure deals.

We help businesses and individuals facing costly litigation or recovering from a catastrophic event to get the financial protection they deserve from their insurance carriers. While the goal to maximize recovery remains the same, each client’s path is different. We pursue insurance claims with a customized approach tailored to your specific needs. We learn your business, your risks and your objectives. Whether aggressive trial advocacy or discrete negotiation is required, we are committed to meeting your goals. E&G attorneys also represent insurance companies, businesses and individuals in several types of insurance policy-related litigation, from reinsurance claims to consumer actions against insurance companies.