E&G Law Firm represents and advises both individuals and corporates under real estate law engagements, including but not limited to  selling, purchasing, financing and leasing real estates in Turkey. E&G Law Firm attorneys represent sellers, buyers, land owners, tenants at numerous arbitration and litigation cases before the courts. Under certain cases, our services at real estate and property law may go beyond its scope and also cover inheritance law related legal matters. In this case, we throughly evaluate the interdisciplinary form of the legal matter and advise our clients accordingly. E&G Law Firm have a strong legal command in property and construction business along with the litigation and out of court settlement (mediation) services regarding property for both local and international clients


Property Law

Although property and real estate law principles have similar aspects at almost all Western states, still Turkish law has its own particularity under the applicable law and therefore it needs to be assessed by local practisioners who have expertise on it. For instance, legal procedures of the transfer of a property and the title of deed has to be done through a public body called Real Estate (Tapu) Office, unlike other jurisdictions where both buyers and sellers can easily proceed in a notary office with a few signature. Also, the time of the transfer of purchase price (fund) is another important point which both property buyer and seller take into consideration, as there is no trust account in the course of legal procedures which the fund could be held safe. For this reason, there are a few instruments (where, in most cases, bank takes guarantor role) to secure your payment method until the official title of deed has been transferred. As E&G Law Firm, we represent our clients for their property purchase procedures and act on their behalf of the ground via  Power of Attorneys.