Property Lawyer in Izmir, Turkey

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Property lawyer in Izmir, Turkey

What is Property Law?

Property law is simply the branch of law that regulates what individuals own. Property law, above all, governs who holds the eligibility to own land and personal property. After clarifying the entitlement issue property law regulations, then, lay out the conditions that needs to be met in order to use property rights on any subject. E&G Law Firm represents and advises its clients as a reputable property lawyer in Izmir, Turkey. 

Before going into the details, it is worth explaining some of the most common misunderstanding at this point.

What is the difference between real estate and property?

The terms “real estate lawyer” and “property lawyer” are commonly used to refer the same thing in daily usage. Although they pretth much refer to the same thing, there is a slight difference between real estate and property. Real estate is a concept that defines the land with the buildings and permanent improvements on it. Whereas, property is a term that comprises the real estate and the legal rights adherent to the possesion of the real estate. 

What is the difference between real property and personal property?

Property law regulates both real property and personal property. Each kind of property is dealt with distinctively under the Turkish law. Property lawyer in Izmir, Turkey advises their clients under the matter of both real property and personal property.  

Real property is fixed property and also known as the immovable property. It refers to land and inseperable structure attached to it. The concept of the real property broadly varies from houses and commercial buildings to garages, trees, and plants. On the contrary, personal property is not fixed or connected with land. Although people often tend to describe personal property by referring to movable items, it may lead to vital mistakes to have narrowed down its concept by eliminating intangible objects.

The best way to define personal property is to define real property first. Personal property could be described as anything excepts real property. 

What is the role of a property lawyer?

As it has been known, property law may turn out to be complicated for those who have not sufficient prior legal knowledge. Therefore, consulting a property lawyer in Izmir, Turkey would help you to protect your best interest, not necessarily when you are involved to a court proceeding but also not to have a poor experience at your property investment. 

A property lawyer is someone who practices law with adequate legal experience on property law. A property lawyer in Izmir, Turkey, helps clients with their legal issues such as the process of buying, selling and transferring titles of deeds.

A qualified property lawyer has a wide range of prior knowledge regarding the rules of any type of property transaction. When the need of consultancy for property law arises, the most significant role of a property lawyer is to help client understand the legal procedure. A property lawyer drafts, revises, and reviews the purchase agreement or any other legal document related with the transaction of a property.

You can also get advise from a property lawyer in Izmir, Turkey on drafting the sale or lease contract where your lawyer acts to secure your best interest on your behalf.

Additionally, a property lawyer can advise you on property management, zoning matters, limitations, agreements on the property, property charges, taxes and value estimation, etc. which are major terms to take into consideration. 

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property is a type of property which has its own specific regulations. It covers creations of the mind, any literary and artistic work, inventions and any type of design used in commerce. Intellectual property rights can be divided into 4 categories regarding the subject of the right, namely; 

  1. Patents
  2. Trademarks
  3. Copyrights
  4. Trade secrets

When looking for a legal advice, it is best to advise someone with intellectual property law knowledge alongside with general property law experience.

What is the difference between possession and the title?

The term possession is used when referring to the physical control over the property. Title, on the other hand, is the legal document that shows who is entitled to possess the specific property under the official records.

Why should you consult a lawyer when buying a property?

It is strongly recommended for international investors, who intend to buy/sell a real estate, to consult a property lawyer in Izmir, Turkey.  Based on our experience, for those who do not have a prior experience on how to do the property transfers and transactions, faced with certain difficulties, such as failure at representation, fraud, scam, significant delay etc. Main reason which causes struggle is particularly because of the complicated procedures at the Real Estate Office comparing with the ones in EU countries or U.S. In addition to that, we strongly urge our clients to make sure a thorough due diligence has been carried out over the property before actually signing a property purchase agreement.

Should you have any other questions or queries, please feel free to contact us -as a property lawyer in Izmir, Turkey- and/or click on the link to view the article Buying Property in Turkey- Property Lawyer in Izmir” for some other information. 

Property lawyer in Izmir, Turkey

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